The new process is only applicable to Contractors who submit their timesheet directly to Cattrell Hudson Partners Limited.

If you submit your timesheet into B2B you will not need to use Timesheet Portal, your timesheet will be processed as normal.


Q1 - Where can I access the Timesheet Portal from?

Timesheet Portal can be accessed from the following location

Q2 - How will my manager know when to approve my timesheet?

Managers are reminded automatically via email to approve timesheets. They will need to login to the portal to approve or reject your timesheet.  

Q3 - What if I entered my timesheet incorrectly and submitted it for approval?

You will need to ask your manager/approver to reject your timesheet and re-submit a new timesheet with the correct information.

Q4 - What if I have entered my timesheet incorrectly and it has been approved?

If you have submitted an incorrect timesheet you will need to contact via email and provide them with full details of the issue.

Q5 - I have entered my timesheet, it has been approved, when will I get paid?

Payment will be made in line with the schedule you received when starting your contract or have since been issued with.

If you require a copy of the schedule then please email

Q6 - My pay is incorrect but my timesheet has been entered correctly?

Please email

Q7 - I am having problems entering my timesheet on the portal, who do I contact?

Please email the accounts department on

Q8 - My Manager hasn’t yet approved my timesheet(s), will I get paid?

No, we are unable to make any payments without an approved timesheet, you will need to contact your timesheet approver to approve your submitted timesheets.

Q9 - My manager is on holiday who will approve my timesheet?

If the nominated approver (normally your manager) is unavailable, then there is a delegated person who can approve your timesheet in your manager’s absence.

Q10 - What is the deadline for entering my timesheet?

Please refer to the payment schedule that has previously been issued to you.  We advise that you submit your timesheets as early as possible to avoid any delays in approval/payment.

Q11 - I haven’t entered my timesheet– will I get paid?

No, we are unable to make any payments without an approved timesheet, you will need to contact your timesheet approver to approve your submitted timesheets.

 Q12 - How will I know my login details?

Your Login details will be forwarded to you via email. You will then need to go to  Enter the details you were sent and click on Log-in.

If you have any questions relating to this then please email

Q13 - I have forgotten my password

Please use the link “forgotten your password?” located underneath the login button on the portal

Q14 - How do I change my password?

You will need to log into Timesheet Portal where you’ll find an option to edit your profile. Within this option you can change your password.

Q15 - What hours do I enter if I am on holiday or absent?

Please enter ‘0’ (zero) hours for all days you have been on holiday or absent.

Q16 - I want to update an old timesheet, is this possible?

No, once your timesheet has been approved and paid then we will need you to email us at detailing as much as possible.  We will then review this and respond as quickly as possible.

Q17 - When will I receive confirmation of my payment amount?

You will receive this via email 3 days prior to the payment date as set out in the schedule

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